Accessory - Ford IDI Water Separator to replace 6.9 Factory unit $39.99

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1983 to 1986 Ford F and E series vehicles, featured a Standayne water separator from the factory.  On the trucks, this filter was located on the Firewall near the Master Cylinder for the brakes.  They were notorious for being a problem, because sediment would settle in the bottom around the drain valve, and when the filter was drained, this sentiment would shift and prevent a proper seal.  Because the fuel system was under vacuum at that location, air would intrude and cause hard starts and potentially rough running.  As a result, a lot of vehicle owners deleted these devices and never did anything to replace the functionality of this very important part.  A lack of water separation causes the early demise of both injection pumps and injectors, particularly if the vehicle sits a lot.  Water is a fact of life in these trucks due to condensation in the fuel tank, so even if you have a good clean source of dry fuel, water will still find its way in.  

Don't let your truck leave you sitting because of a seized head and rotor in your injection pump (a common result of water, rendering the pump useless as a core), and don't let water cost you miles of lifespan.  Our water separator works great for a diesel application, although it does lack a fuel pre-heater, so we do not recommend it for extreme cold applications unless you have an inline heater.  Filters are marked for gas only due to this limitation.  Contains all the fittings you need, to plumb it into your existing fuel line. 

Replacement filters sold separately.