Core, Product Return -

Proper Packaging and Return of Cores and Products

Packing your product to ship is as important as the purchase.  To ensure your core or your items being shipped for repair are not damaged during shipping, follow the guidelines below.


Drain pump of fuel and dry off any leakage. Here is a link to a YouTube video.  Go to 1:16 to show you how to drain the fuel.

Put in a suitable plastic bag and seal the bag. (We do not recomment plastic grocery store bags- they are too thin.)

Wrap pump in thickly layered newspaper to keep pointy objects safe. 

Wrap newspapered pump in bubble wrap and secure bubble wrap with packing tape. 

Place hefty amount of bubble wrap or wadded up newspaper in the bottom of the box.

Place unit on top of bubble wrap/newspaper.

Secure the unit all around the top and sides with more bubble wrap/newspaper for cushioning.


You should use enough bubble wrap and newspaper cushioning so that when you hold the box closed and shake it hard, you cannot feel or hear the pump moving inside.

If you are sending injectors with the pump, be sure to wrap the injectors separately and cushion them from the pump inside the box. 

If you are sending multiple pumps as cores, please make sure you have a large enough box and that they can be cushioned from each other. 

Be sure to include the core submission form inside your box. 

Write CORE RETURN on the outside of the box.