Carter Lift Fuel Pump (conversion Kit) Warranty

Carter Pumps


Electric fuel pumps come with a 90 day warranty from the date of purchase from the manufacturer. This guarantee covers repair or replacement of this pump only, it does not cover labor to remove or install, loss of fuel, vehicle use due to down time, time off work, or any other inconvenience. IF YOU BUY ANOTHER PUMP FROM ANOTHER VENDOR, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT COSTS. NO REFUNDS ON KITS OR PUMPS IN PARTIAL OR IN FULL.

If you need technical support- email: our technicians check this account evenings and weekends.

If you should require warranty coverage you will need to email: account to receive assistance. If a warranty is determined we will issue you an RMA number and a warranty claim form to fill out.

*The RMA number is to be written on the OUTSIDE of the box. Inside the box you will need to enclose your name, phone number, email address and RMA number and the warranty claim form. Be sure the pump is sealed in a bag and very well padded for protection. The pump should not shake inside the box.

Once we have received the pump, we will repair or replace at our option. We do not give refunds. No exceptions.

The warranty will not be honored if the component or system shows evidence of fuel or oil contamination, fuel or oil starvation, lack of lubrication, moisture, alternative fuel usage, foreign object damage, unauthorized modification, tampering, abuse, or shipping damage. Note- if you elect to replace your pump this is done at your discretion. Refunds are not provided under the terms of this warranty.

Unsealing of the product without immediate return constitutes acceptance of these terms. You may return the product- UNOPENED for a 20% restocking fee.
NOTICE: ALL items must be bagged and well-padded for shipping. Shipping damage incurred from customer to Moose Diesel is not covered by warranty.