Our Core Ambassador Program

Our Core Ambassador Program

The diesel fuel injection industry relies heavily on a steady core supply for its rebuilding programs.  All present injection pumps currently in circulation have a lifecycle, which is to provide service to end of life, become a core, go to a rebuilder, and become new again so the cycle can repeat.  Rebuilt pumps are fortified with new parts that are not recycled, and this then becomes the rebuilt product people purchase.

During the time that a customer has a new rebuilt unit, and is in possession of their old one, things happen.  People get busy, life gets in the way, or maybe they just decide that they want to keep the pump as a spare, and so the core goes uncollected, collecting dust on a shelf, or worse, rusting away out doors.

Our core ambassadors are typically people in the industry, or in a community as a hobby or enjoyable recreational pursuit, who get around, meet other people with similar vehicles, or just enjoy perusing recycling yards and used auto parts suppliers.  Sometimes they become a core ambassador for the perks!

What is a core ambassador, and how can you become one?

We see our core ambassadors as partners in the core collection component of our product lifecycle.  A core ambassador is always on the lookout for cores that they know we need, and are willing to go out of their way to find them and get them to us. 

There are 3 benefits to being an ambassador

1) Get a 5% discount on Moose Diesel produced products at any time.

2) Get paid per core.

3) Earn a free Moose Pump!

How do you become a Core Ambassador?  (CA)

Email us or call, and request a CA number.  You will be registered in our program.  Once you send us the third core, you will be validated as a CA and be eligible for the program and begin earning credits towards a free Moose Pump.  Payment per core will vary, and further details will be disclosed when you register.  When we receive your 10th core, you will be awarded a free Ford or Chevy Moose Pump.  "But what if I already have a Moose Pump?"  You can sell it!  It is a strong value and the pump is yours to do with as you see fit.

We hope that this program entices some of you to go out pump hunting, and to help us help others by returning idle cores to the lifecycle.  Thank you for reading!