Why buy from us?

The best products!

We thank you for considering Moose Diesel for your diesel fuel injection needs.  We realize the internet is full of vendors and a wide variety of prices, making the decision on who to choose potentially challenging, and we thank you for your time in reviewing our suitability to your needs.

Why buy from us?


Everybody is going to tell you that their products are the best.  It isn't until you order, that you find out if that company is any good.  Moose Diesel is owned an operated by women who care about you, and this is how we make our living.  It is not a side hustle, and there is no distraction from other gigs.  We don't get out of bed every day just to build injection pumps and injectors.  We go out of our way to help people solve problems.  When your truck or vehicle is down, and you need it up and running, we understand, and work with you to solve your dilemma as quickly as possible, offering potentially more then one solution.  If you have a project, and you are not on a fast track to completion, we can provide you a variety of price points and options to make your dream a reality.  And if you have a problem, we will take the time to make sure we all know what the problem is, and how to solve it.

We are not the cheapest.

Wait? Isn't this supposed to be about WHY to buy and why not why NOT to buy?  Well, yes. Because in this business you get what you pay for.  There are unscrupulous builders on the web, who sell products at half the price we charge for ours.  Sadly for us, their profit margin is MUCH higher then ours!  We actually take the time to completely disassemble, clean, polish, refinish, and inspect every part that goes into a product we build.  We regularly replace wear items even if they are not worn out, because we want our products to go the long haul.  On average, a typical DB2 rotary pump will receive 21 new parts at a minimum.  This is 20% of the parts in the pump!   We have to buy those parts.  This is MUCH better then the half price pump people who wash the outside of a core, make it look pretty and send it out with no new parts, no experienced hands working on it, and a no questions asked warranty.  Do you know why they have a no questions asked warranty?  Well, for one, they don't have anybody to help you solve your problem, so if you ask a question, you won't get an answer.  Also, they don't really care how many hours you spend replacing their product with another one!  And when that one is no good, they will send you another.  And another. Eventually you will get tired of your labor costs, and us or another vendor will end up with one of their pumps as a core.  Now you are out the cost of their pump, all those Saturdays you spent swapping it out, and are paying what you should have paid in the first place.  Consider our higher price for a quality product, a $1000 savings on your wasted purchase and time.


It's about people.  Here is the reality.  The fuel injection industry in the U.S.A. got its start in the late 70's when diesel automobiles started to flourish.  Young people who took an interest and started fuel injection shops, grew the business, grew up in the business, and by now... are retired.  The young people who replaced them, see it as just a job, and they get bored fast.  They find the work hard and tedious, and to be honest, it doesn't pay as well as a lot of other less skilled jobs.  They don't stay at one place very long, and often don't stay in the industry.  This is actually one of the reasons the diesel industry was driven to common rail technology.  It isn't just the EPA!  Common rail has fewer parts, and the rebuild process is computer guided, so even an untrained person can work on them with the right equipment.  But, this is still like the mechanic who only knows how to do what the scan tool tells them.  It still takes experience to make a better product!  We don't have employees.  We only have company owners.  So everyone here is vested and here to stay.  We have cumulatively over 50 years of experience, and no temporary or short term workers.  When you buy a Moose Diesel product, you are getting the experience that wants you to succeed.


We care about our company, we care about what we do, how we do it, and who we do it for.  We care about you.  It's easy to give lip service to that concept, but at Moose Diesel, it really is true.  Will you find a bad review somewhere?  Probably.  Every company has some.  Usually, they are from competitors or people who haven't even bought from us.  And there are some people who just hate everything and everybody.  It is one of those things that we wish we could live without.   Because of that, we do everything in our power to satisfy people, but that is done within reason, and in sensibility.  We are not Walmart, and we are not Amazon.  We do not sell hundreds of products a month, and we don't have volume pricing.  Our business model is quality products for quality customers.  We need more then money to keep doing this.  We need your thanks and your appreciation.  So when you have a good experience here, we hope you will tell others about it.

Thanks again for taking the time to read, and we hope you will chose Moose Diesel for your fuel injection needs.  ♥