Service - Common Rail Injector Testing Ford/Dodge/Chevy/GMC and others

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Having problems with your Cummins, Duramax, or Powerstroke powered vehicle?  Our Common Rail injector testing and servicing program can help.  Don't just order replacement injectors and hope for the best!  Common Rail Injectors do not wear out and fail like old school injectors did.  More often then not in a common rail system, the engine is running poorly because a bit of contamination or water has damaged one or two injectors, throwing off rail pressures and creating smoke and uneven performance.  By testing your existing set of injectors, we can isolate the bad one(s) and validate the performance of the good ones.  With injectors often costing around $300 each, even if we find only 4 good ones, that can save you $1200!  When we receive your injectors, they will be professionally cleaned and then computer tested, and we will provide a full color report on each injector showing exactly how it is doing.  All injectors that pass fully can be re-installed, with new O-rings and seals we provide, and will work with any replacements you may need.  If an injector is faulty and needs to be replaced, we can give you options on that.

Simply purchase the number of injectors you would like to test, send them to us with your Moose Diesel invoice number, and we will process them and email you your reports.  We can then discuss any issues we see or if you need replacements, what we can do to help you with those.  Our turn around is usually within a few days.  Call us if you have any questions!  We can service and rebuild your old mechanical injectors too.