Accessory Kit - Ford IDI 6.9/7.3 Holley Red Performance Electric Fuel Pump Conversion $359

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New and improved!  The 1983-1994 Ford F and E series trucks and vans all featured mechanical fuel pumps.  These mechanical lift pumps worked great until they didn't.  If yours failed, it could result in crankcase contamination (fuel in the oil), low power, no power or no start.  Replacing one is difficult, slightly dangerous (if installed wrong, the actuating lever can break off and fall in the oil pan) and messy.  Add to this the difficulty in priming the fuel system any time the fuel filter is changed, and you have an outdated way of supplying an engine with fuel.  Let's face it - there is a reason all new fuel systems run electric fuel pumps!  An electric fuel pump provides a more consistent fuel pressure, effortless fuel filter changes (thereby reducing wear on glow plugs and starters) and better troubleshooting capabilities.  You'll love an electric fuel pump if you are replacing  your fuel injection pump!

Our fuel pump conversion kit contains all the essential items gathered together in one purchase.  All you need to supply is some 14 to 16 gauge wire, a little bit of hardware,  and your own ingenuity.  We include a sheet with handy tips making installation easy.  Kit includes Holley fuel pump, block off plate, gasket, pump mounting bolts, power relay and socket, fuel injection pump tap, and fuse holder with 7.5 amp ATO fuse, brass fuel in/out fittings with clamps and 8 feet of 3/8" fuel  hose. 

We offer free technical support via email if you need any help.  Convert your mechanical fuel system today!