Ford / Chevy / GM IDI Pulse Timing Meter Tool Rental $130 + $650.00 deposit

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Is your truck sounding like it needs timed?  Did you buy and new pump?  We have just the tool for the job!  We rent a Pulse timing meter and light with complete directions to time your Ford or Chevy IDI. We will ship it right to you or you can pick it up locally.  It is a 7 day rental for $130.00.  We do collect a deposit of $650.00 in addition to make sure the tool is taken care of and returned in excellent condition. The deposit is returned as soon as we check out the tool when returned.  If there are broken or missing parts or damage,  no refund will be given until the situation is rectified by Moose Diesel.  At that time, any residual deposit less cost of repair or replacement, will be refunded.