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Tough problems require advanced solutions, and sometimes out of the box thinking.  Fuel Injection is what we do, but it is not all we have done.  The employees of Moose Diesel encompass a wide range of life experiences and have expertise in not only the Automotive and Diesel worlds, but other technically challenging environments such as factory automation, I.T., specialized machinery, education, materials sciences, life coaching, electronics and other specialties.  While we may not be a fit for every challenge, feel free to contact us and see if your need has a match.

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While the maintenance of a diesel engine may be limited primarily to running repairs, and fuel system component replacement due to mileage and time, an often over-looked or under appreciated aspect of traditional injection pump and injector maintenance, is the procurement and monitoring of proper diesel injection timing.  Modern common rail diesels have various methods through computer programming and learned behavior, to dynamically adjust timing throughout the engine's life.  However, older traditional injection technology of the pump-line-injector (PLN) fuel system, relies on mechanical adjustment of the relationship between the time the injector begins to flow fuel, and the piston as...

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