Moose Diesel Technical Support

At Moose Diesel, we care about our customers.  It is our desire to help you solve problems and have a better experience with your engine or vehicle.  To that end, we do not conduct technical support via telephone.  All support is handled via email.  Email allows us to understand the conversation better, and provide more information, exchange pictures and documents as needed to communicate more effectively.  While this may seem inconvenient, and less handy then a phone call, we do give fast answers and responses, and will often answer outside of normal business hours and on weekends when we are closed!  

Spam is always a hassle, and so we try not to put our email address in the clear.  If our inbox fills up with junk, it makes it hard to find your important message, so please do your part and help us help you.  The address is a little cryptic, but you will figure it out.

If you have a technical question and need help, simply email us.  Address your message to support at moosediesel and we will be happy to answer!