Top Cover- John Deere and others Agricultural/Industrial 12 Volt Replacement Solenoid Assembly for DB Injection Pump $125 Exchange $100 core

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This a rebuilt top cover assembly for John Deere, and any other tractor or vehicle/engine model featuring a 12 volt shut off solenoid and low speed idle adjustment.  Many JDB and DBGFC pumps will use these.   If you need one that does not have the idle adjustment hole, then just let us know what you have in the notes when you order, and we will make sure you get the right cover.  This top cover housing includes the fuel shut off solenoid with all new gaskets. ready to install in place of your existing defective unit. Simply remove your fuel return fitting, and idle screw if applicable and uninstall your old top cover and install this one in its place using your existing hardware, then reinstall your return fitting.  A new cover gasket and idle screw fitting o-ring is included.  Core $100.00

Note: Please don't leave your pump in your vehicle without a top cover!  Water and dirt could get in, so keep it covered.