RENTAL -Stuck Ford 6.9/7.3 IDI Injector Removal tool - $59.99 MD-InjExtKitR $60.00 deposit

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So you removed one or more of your Ford or International 6.9 or 7.3 injectors and it came out in pieces?  This happens when an injector is installed incorrectly and the copper seal at the bottom was not able to properly prevent combustion gasses from leaking out.  Furthermore, the accumulated carbon has now glued the bottom of the injector into the bore.  What to do?  Use our stuck injector removal tool to get it out.  Simply fetch out as many parts as will come with a magnet, and then screw our removal tool into the bottom section of the injector that remains in the bore.  Tighten it to 45 foot pounds (or if your lucky, it just starts spinning anyway) and then pull it out, or attach the slide hammer to the injector fuel line connection and use the slide to hammer the parts out of the bore.  Use compressed air and a round wire brush to remove the carbon deposits and ensure a clean seat for the new injector and copper washer.  We sell this tool at this link, but you can also rent this tool. You will be charged for the rental and a $60.00 security deposit.  When we receive the tool kit back, with no missing tools, and undamaged- including no stripped threads, within 30 days, we will refund you the security deposit.