Repair - Re-Seal of Bosch VP-37 injection pump for Volkswagen $350.00

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The Bosch VP-37 electronically controlled injection pump, used on certain late 90's and early 2000's Volkswagen products, is well known for its durability and reliability.  Unfortunately, they are also known to all develop a leak once the seals have hardened.  Our re-seal of your pump begins with a good external cleaning.  All soft seals are then replaced, and the pump calibration retained as best as possible using our custom made tooling.  This service will not fix issues with the pump if they are not related to the leak.  We do NOT test the pumps ability to run, and we only warrant it against leaks.   By purchasing this service, you agree to send us your pump, and understand you will get your own pump back.  This is not an exchange or a rebuild, but a re-seal of YOUR pump.  We have done dozens of pumps and not had a come back.  Let us service it with confidence.