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We often get asked "What is the best lube for installing return line caps on Ford and IH IDI injectors?", and the answer is here.  Moose Butter!  True, all kinds of things have worked for customers over the years, but results do vary, and we feel our Moose Butter is the best combination of viscosity, lubricity, stability, ease of use, and convenience.  No sense ruining a nice fresh can of wheel bearing grease with that dirty finger!  Well, we hope it's not dirty!  After all,  you need to keep dirt away from all your fuel service activities.  But our Moose Butter comes in a soft pouch, that you can cut the corner off of and squeeze out just the little bit you need to lubricate the inside of your caps and O-rings, for that fresh clean "pop" on cap installation.  Includes a convenient powder free Nitrile glove to keep that finger clean, and make installation mess free.  Contains enough lube for 8 injectors.