Kit - Primary Pump Monitoring Kit Accessory for Ford IDI DB2 and others

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NEW!  A Moose Diesel exclusive.  This is not a LIFT pump gauge! We developed this product to help people understand and monitor their fuel injection system.  This kit allows you to know the internal fuel pressure inside the pump, which is controlling your timing advance, regulating your injection activity and flowing fuel through the pump to cool it.  Knowing your primary pressure allows you to see issues with fuel supply/delivery, pump wear over time, fuel temperature viscosity issues and more.  Complete instructions and usage guidance included.  Kit includes all the parts needed for a complete installation.  Teflon pipe sealant not included.  The kit is designed with 1983 to 1994 Ford IDI trucks in mind, but could be used with any DB2 and some John Deere DB/DM 4 pumps with some modification.  Note that you may need a bracket or pod for your gauge to be housed in, if you are not drilling a hole in your dash.  We have single and multi-hole brackets and pods available.