Agricultural Kioti CK/DK Rebuild Kit

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Kioti CK/DK Rebuild Kit - Some Kioti tractors have injection pumps with a control sleeve (or gear as many call it), that is made with a poor quality material.  Over time, the vibrations of the tractor can cause the teeth to break off, which can jam the pump and prevent control of the speed.  This can lead to the inability to start the tractor, control the speed, or if you are really unfortunate... result in a runaway and over-rev condition.  While we do not recommend or support end user replacement of these parts, we know a lot of people will try to do it anyway, and while we would rather see you send us the whole pump so that we can do a complete and professional job, we know a lot of you won't be satisfied unless you try it yourself.  So for those of you who want to do the job, this is the kit you need.  Our parts are made of a superior metallurgy and will last way beyond what the factory parts did. Simply specify if you have a 3 or 4 cylinder engine, and you will get the right parts count.