High Performance Ford or Chevrolet Moose Fuel Feed Line $140.00

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High Performance Moose Fuel Feed Line. -  Not just a regular fuel line!  The quality of this hose is what makes it so expensive.  The thermally stable plastic lining will not break down like normal rubber hose!  We have had these hoses on the market for over a decade with a demonstrated track record of durability. 

Dress up your Pump installation with this high quality flexible stainless braided line with red and blue aluminum fittings intended to replace your existing hard line from the filter head to the pump. This is a must have item, if you've installed a Hypermax Intercooler, and can no longer change your fuel filter without disassembling either your fuel line or your intercooler piping. This item consists of stainless braided 3/8" hose, with XRP blue and red fittings, and the necessary adapter for your pump. Fits all DB-2 pumps on 6.9 or 7.3 engines.  Can be applied to GM 6.2/6.5 with adapters. Will fit our Bull Moose GM pumps directly.   Price - $140.00