Gauge, EV2 Coolant Temperature Isspro R16588 Matches Ford Cluster Accessories

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The Isspro line of gauges is the best we know of, and this electronic water temperature gauge is an essential gauge for any Ford IDI.  Ford did not do a great job of allowing drivers to know the actual water temperature and condition of their engine.  High EGT's or high air temps can drive water temperatures up, particularly in the 7.3L engines with their restricted head water flow situation.  Once the 240 degree temperature switch on the engine closes, the engine warning light comes on and the factory gauge gets pegged.  When that happens, it is often too late, and the head is possibly cracked.  Stop that from happening, and know your engine temperature before it is too late!  

This quality gauge installs easily, and can be mounted in any 2-1/16" hole, or use our mounting brackets.  The simple wiring is easy to install and the sensor can be screwed into the head with a variety of brass adapters for any application on any engine.