Ford IH 6.9L Injector Return Line Kit - Standard

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6.9L Injector Return Line installation kit.
Fits International, 6.9L IDI engine
Ford Pick ups and Vans 1983-1987
IH mid size trucks 1980-1987
Turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines

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 Kit includes everything needed to install 8 injectors plus extras to help with return line routing and sealing up fuel system leaks:
7 feet of high quality braided hose (5mm / 3/16"")
8 returhose adapters / injector caps (4-straight, 3-90*, and one single nipple cap)
8 copper washers
16 o-rings
18 spring clamps
2 VacTees
4 Olives of 2 sizes
Installation tips and routing options
This item is for the early style kit originally found on the 6.9L engines. It includes 5mm / 3/16" hose, injector caps, and clamps and utilizes the centered nipple style injector caps that don't have an offset like the 7.3L. This kit can also be used on a 7.3L IDI if you would rather use the smaller hose and centered nipples.  Some minor adaptation at the fuel filter head bleeder fitting and return manifold would be needed on a 7.3L IDI.  Note that in 1987 there were both 6.9 and 7.3 engines going into trucks.  Be sure you know what you have.