Moose Buddy Injectors for Ford 6.9 or 7.3 IDI Set of 8 w/ return line kit $519

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Moose Buddy Injectors -We know a premium product like our Moose Mate or Moose Mister injectors is not always needed or wanted.  Our Moose Buddy injectors feature the same performance as our high quality new injectors, but these are lower cost without lower performance!  Made from the same new parts as our premium injectors, but with re-used bodies with their original markings, still running a 1" nut.  These injectors still feature new nozzles and are tested and pressure matched to the same exacting standards as our Moose Mate and Moose Mister products.  This injector provides even performance across the board for all IH and Ford IDI engine models.  Sold in pressure matched sets of 8 WITH the needed return line kit to install them. Comes with routing instructions!  $519 complete.  Requires injector cores for recycling.  Injectors carry a $25 core fee EACH. 


Customer will need to know which return line kit they require and choose accordingly.

We offer:

  • 6.9/7.3 standard return line kit for 1983-1990 5mm
  • 6.9/7.3 advanced return line kit 1983-1990 5mm (Comes with extra parts to re-route around your turbo)
  • 7.3 standard return line kit for 1990-1994 7mm
  • 7.3 advanced return line kit 1990-1994 7mm (Comes with extra parts to re-route around your turbo)