Ford IH 7.3L Injector Return Line Kit - Advanced

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7.3L Injector Return Line  installation kit w/Extras and longer hose! 

Fits Navistar, 7.3L IDI engine
Ford Pick ups and Vans 1987-1994
IH mid size trucks 1987-1994
Turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines

We sell the best Return Line Kits because we understand the IDI better than anyone else!

Kit includes everything needed to install 8 injectors plus extras to help with return line routing and sealing up fuel system leaks:

7 feet of high quality braided hose (7mm / 1/4")

8 return hose adapters / injector caps (4-straight, 4-90*)

8 copper washers

16 o-rings

25 spring clamps

2 VacTees

4 Olives of 2 sizes

Installation tips and routing options

This item is for the late style kit originally found on the late 7.3L engines. It includes 7mm / 1/4" hose, injector caps, and clamps and utilizes the offset style injector caps. This kit can also be used in place of the early style 5mm / 3/16" kit for the 6.9L with minor adapting if desired. 

We also sell stock (I.E. "standard")  6.9 and 7.3 kits as well as an advanced 6.9 kit. 

Does not fit the Powerstroke/T444E direct injected engine that replaced the idi in 1994.  We have seal kits for those injectors.